Persepolis Rising


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Persepolis Rising is the 7th chapter in the marvelous The Expanse novel series. It is masterfully written by James S. A. Corey, who is a notable author in the contemporary science fiction genre. Jefferson Mays is the narrator of this novel and as per the reviews and feedbacks by critics and general audience, he has given an outstanding performance with his powerful and emotional voice.

Right in the thousand-sun network that belongs to the expansion of mankind, the new alien colony worlds are striving hard to make their way in there. Each and every new planet on the scene lives right on the edge of the knife and hang in between wonder and collapse, and that also includes the team of the aging gunship. Rocinante is seen with their hands fuller, while maintaining the fragile peace.


Within the vast space that sets right in the middle of Jupiter and Earth, the inner planets along with the Belt have setup a highly uncertain and a tentative alliance, which is still haunted by an immense history of prejudices and wars. On the other hand and in the lost colony of Laconia, an enemy in hideous has surfaced up with a novice vision for the sake of mankind and also for having all the power to enforce it. Time has come where all the novice technologies are in total clash with the older ones.

Persepolis Rising

James S. A. Corey is a writer, who deserves to be read more and more. It is all because of his interesting and highly engaging novel archives, which promises to keep you entertained for hour’s long narration. Leviathan Wakes and Caliban’s War are the most grasping novels that the author has skillfully written




Babylon’s Ashes

Gods of Risk


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