Oryx and Crake


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Oryx and Crake is the opening novel of The MaddAddame Trilogy as per its published order. You may find it as the 2nd novel of the trilogy in the other variation. The book is a fictional novel and had immense readability and fan following both in the print and audio versions. The author Margaret Atwood received great appreciation and critical acceptance after this trilogy and earned quite a few awards and nominations as well. The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments are a couple of other novels from Margaret Atwood that you must check out.

Campbell Scott is the only narrator of this amazing novel. His voice was recognized by all followers as quite entertaining and relatable.

Oryx and Crake

Oryx and Crake’s novel will find its audience with the peak of Margaret Atwood as an author. The story opens with Snowman sleeping in a tree while covered completely in an old bedsheet. He was mourning the loss of his dear friends Crake and Oryx. He was on the path of starving to death very slowly. He looked for some supplies in a wasteland where wolves and pigeons ravage the pleeblands. This was a place where ordinary humans once lived. The compounds there completely sheltered the extraordinary. As he sees to compile things to see that what has taken place there, the narrative 9Snowman) shifts to many decades in the past. But, how is it possible for everything to set apart so quickly? Why is the left all alone with only the haunting memories? He explored the answers to all these questions during the double journey that he takes.

You will find this novel by Margaret as quite absorbing and it is also extremely beautifully rendered. You will find virtuosic storytelling on display here.



An Enchantment of Ravens


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    1. Absolutely brilliant. I was hooked very quickly and have binged on the w tire MaddAdam trilogy this last couple weeks! Highly recommended books. And the narrators are excellent.


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