Caliban’s War

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The Expanse novel series picked up quite well with its first novel by the name of Leviathan Wakes. It is an epic masterpiece by James S. A. Corey, who got appreciated massively for his absolutely splendid literary writing efforts. In this second book.

Caliban’s War, you will find yourself with the same level of enthusiasm, which you have built in the prequel of this novel. Jefferson Mays gets another chance to impress the followers of this novel with his magnetic voice, which is definitely worthy of all the praise and appreciation.

The breadbasket of the exterior planets known as Ganymede, a Martian marine in between looks just as her entire platoon got brutally slaughtered by an atrocious super-soldier. A top tier political struggle on Earth was shaping up in order to restrict the interplanetary war from getting reignited.

Then, the Venus planet has been overrun by an alien protomolecule, along with many mysterious changes done to the planet. Things were looking ugly and threatening enough to spread well throughout the solar system.

The Expanse series is long and beautiful and you will find every chapter of the series quite refreshing and engaging, as if you are introduced to a new science fiction world for the first time. If you are looking to explore the author James S. A. Corey and more specifically the subject series a bit more, then you could go on and listen to the audio versions of Leviathan Wakes and Tiamat’s Wrath. The former novel is the opening chapter of The Expanse saga, which is bold and beautiful, while the second novel is right up to the standards of James S. A. Corey and the type of magnificent work that he has been doing.






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    Leviathan Wakes

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