Leviathan Wakes

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James S. A. Corey is a maestro when it comes to writing the best science fiction fantasy novels. Leviathan Wakes is one of those novels on the subject genre, which got critically acclaimed and was loved by general audience as well. The novel marks the start of an exciting series to come, which is by the name of The Expanse. For narration, Jefferson Mays put up a fantastic performance, which was loved for his astounding tone and clarity of speech.

The novel became immensely popular and didn’t took too long for Amazon Prime to host a major television series on this saga.

The Expanse is an upbeat masterpiece based on science fiction, where the audiences find the humanity colonizing the solar system. After a period of 200 years post the migration into the space, mankind is in chaos.

At the time, when a reluctant captain of a ship along with a washed-up investigator find themselves as a part in the mysterious case of a missing girl. What they both discovers as a team was big enough to have the entire solar system right at the edge of a huge civil war. The situation also exposes one of the greatest conspiracy ever done against the mankind in the entire human history.

The writing style of James S. A. Corey is magnificent and you literally cannot hold yourself back by not appreciating his work. If you want to check more from the author then the recommended audio book novels by the author are: Caliban’s War and Tiamat’s Wrath. As expected, the novels are from the science fiction genre and worth every minute of it to be listened with great enthusiasm.






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