Deep Silence

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Tales that can terrify you to the core often come out from the pen of Jonathan Maberry who no doubt has written some masterpiece when it comes to writing books with an element of suspense, action and a zombie spice. The present novel again reveals a terrorist gang working for different powers in the world for the sake of money, killing people, destroying one town after the other without anybody knowing what really had happened that resulted in such a massive calamity.

The terrorist gang this time is with a destructive weapon that could bring havoc in a selected place but the whole thing appears to be a natural calamity and thus no inquiry is ever made of such killings.

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The weapon is said to have the power that it can bring earthquakes by its massive vibrations, vibrations that can also affect the minds of the general public in such a way that they start committing suicides with in no time and thus the whole population ends in a single span of time along with their belongings.

Such a horrifying situation is never seen in Jonathan’s work before though he introduces characters that are zombies, but human killing human is something worse. In his other books like Nights of the Living Dead and Deadlands: Ghostwalkers he has never talked about such an evil.

Joe Ledger is again given this mission as he is the one who is fit for the job, only this time he is assigned with the job to save whole of America. Ray Porter’s narration is perfect like always as he is an expert in narrating such stories that have a sense of action and a race against time situation till the end.


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