The Pursuit


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    It’s really funny that Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg made Kate and Fox companions for just one mission and since then they became the basic ingredient of every FBI mission. Thought as the best couple in the FBI the two still has issues with one another. Once they were the best of rivals and Kate’s instincts tell her that Fox is still the criminal that she once chased and he is helping FBI for a personal goal.

    Kate’s focus changes for a while in this one because Fox has disappeared and it looks like some old enemy has kidnapped him. No one in the underworld knows that Fox is an FBI agent now and kidnapping him means getting an FBI team on the tail. Kate is on the case in a flash not because she is worried about Fox after a longtime association but because now he knows several things about the department and thus can serve both sides equally well.

    An around the world tour like The Heist and The Job for Kate and when she finds Fox there is death hanging over the head of every American. Dragan Kovic has planned big for the Americans and Kate gathers up the team once again comprising her father whose voice Scott Brick has narrated skillfully, the old actor and the con she calls Fox.

    The Pursuit

    Together the four are ready to do the impossible and even if they succeed in the deadly mission they might not get out of it alive. Another teaser at the final chapter by the two brilliant authors of the present era, there are some scenes with humor to ease things up but still a tense ride.

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