The Shadows We Hide


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Joe Talbert’s college assignment got big on him when he went to the wrong man for a biography, that assignment later took the form of a case that he had to solve for survival. Being successful in that first case in The Life We Bury Joe fully knew where his instincts were taking him. So after completing his education he joined the local newspaper and became a reporter. In the mean time he got some shocking discoveries about his family especially about his father. Joseph Talbert was not a new name when it came to his ears but the word murdered was horrifying.

Investigation was launched by Joe at once because he had a vague idea that the man might be his father whom he has been looking for all his life. As the investigation moved further he was rather amazed to hear that his father was not a very loving figure in the society. Joseph was even harsh to his wife and daughter and now when he is dead his property can come in the possession of Joe if it is proved that he is his son.

But there is a trouble in the shape of Joe’s mother who all of a sudden tries to be nice to her son. Family secrets of Joe are brought to light by Allen Eskens in this continuing novel of the series and Zach Villa the narrator has reached the perfection point finally in this one. Nothing More Dangerous is the next stop for the fans of the first two books; situation development and the maturing of the characters are among the key elements of fame for Allen.


The Life We Bury

The Law of Success


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