Proven Guilty


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    Finally after seven parts the story is going toward bigger missions or should we say more focused one. Harry was not evolving at all in the first three to four parts because he was not aiming to, his main concern was bread and butter and not to forget the house rent.

    Now after saving the world bunch of time he has some worth in the human society. Not only that the wizard world is not unaware of his presence and potential. The White Council of Wizards has finally noticed him after Dead Beat  and Grave Peril.

    It has finally summoned him for a task and the task comes with a rank that the wizard never expected to get or achieve in his life. Harry is appointed as a warden by the council and the job is linked to his field.

    Proven Guilty

    He has faces vampires and zombies but that not something for which he was trained for. Now comes the forbidden black magic that the whole wizard world is worried about. Being the only licensed wizard in the Human world Harry moves toward Chicago where the smell of black magic is evident.

    Jim Butcher is making things tough for the wizard but he is passing every hurdle with the much growing relaxation. The author still continues in episodic plots and each part has the same wizard and his dog but a different story. Of course James Marsters the narrator’s voice is also the same but the stories or books can be taken as single books with individual stories and plots. There will come a time when Jim would join these things together to sum up the series but now at this time the author is not aiming toward that thing.


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