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Jim Butcher has brought magic to the world once again with the Dresden Files and for most the author has blended everything in the series. There are vampires, zombies and other fictional creatures living among or close to humans without their being aware of it.

Harry is licensed to use magic in the world of humans thus he is not restricted like the famous Harry Potter. But it hasn’t been easy for Harry to earn a living because he puts his life and reputation on the line all the time. Moreover the fate of the humans is constantly in his hands which he never wanted; all he was looking for was work that can pay his bills.

Getting the job done was a big devastating issue for him in Grave Peril and Summer Knight where he was serving the FBI now he is looking to help Karrin Murphy. Karrin is the one of the special service department but somehow Harry is emotional attached to the lady, it cannot be termed as love but there is an attraction that he cannot comprehend. In order to save her from the vampire that is looking for her Harry goes on a chilling ride in search of Word of Kemmler.

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In the process of saving Karrin he also might end up saving humanity once again because the “Word” can save the world which is about to witness the undead. The dead are about to rise from the graves and the empty graves might become the resting place of the humans who are alive. Scenes with vampires have been James Marsters strength in narration; the man makes such freakish sounds that the audience can make a picture of the graveyard in the mind.


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