Blood Rites


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    Being the only professional wizard in the world surely has its price and Harry has been paying it heavily since day one. Solving cases for the police and the FBI too has not been a fun ride for him because those cases led him into further troubles but there is nothing else for him to do. All he wanted was a nice peaceful life and sadly he got vampires on the doorstep and then not to forget there were werewolves too in Grave Peril and Summer Knight. Life has been not been fair to the wizard and relations have not been ideal.

    The only girlfriend that Harry had in the form of Susan never provided him the comfort that he was looking for in a relationship. Now willing to help another fellow proves fatal for the wizard. He tried to help the vampire that came to him for help and found himself entangled in a murder case. Harry himself becomes the suspect in the case and later he realizes that the case is not of a single murder rather it is a series of such crimes that are tied to his tail now.

    Blood Rites

    Jim Butcher has added some porn stuff for this story, the females that were being killed one after another were all porn stars and that’s why Harry is all the time present on the set. James Marsters does not try to alter anything for this sixth part, narration needed some remodeling in the porn models case but it goes in the same simple way. Not advisable for the fans that are not in the adult list yet, the whole story revolves around the stuff that is not suitable for the children.


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    2 thoughts on “Blood Rites”

    1. The book will not play from chapter to chapter and isn’t playing through full chapters without going into eternal silence. I have already read this series so it doesn’t hurt my experience much though it is rather annoying, but for new listeners it would leave out valuable information. The previous book is also doing the same thing.


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