The Dungeon Anarchist’s Cookbook


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    Remaining crawlers come to the fourth floor of the dungeon and till now there are millions who have lost their near and dear ones. There is no time to think about all of that crap because the end has not come yet and this means that the timeout issue is still at hand. This is the Gun Show where Carl and Donut have to do some serious killing i.e stepping on the dead bodies of the opponents. Matt Dinniman has shown the appeal rising between the two characters however the element of extreme sacrifice is not seen on the scene yet.

    Time will come when one of the two characters have to sacrifice himself for the success of the other. If this happens then the love bond would be broken and the success might become worthless in such a case. The subway system is the next obstacle in the way of Carl and his friends.

    The Dungeon Anarchist's Cookbook

    The subway system is made by combining all the railways systems of the world which means there would be an unending journey full of monsters. The rollercoaster ride would not be of any fun rather it would be full of bloodshed on the way.

    Unlike The Gate of the Feral Gods and Dungeon Crawler Carl it is a journey where all the things happen in an opposite way so trusting the path and your instincts is the biggest mistake that a person can commit. Appearances are deceptive on every corner of this subway which is loaded with bloodsucking parasites. Killing monsters will not provide any extra points or loot boxes in this episode because things have gone beyond point scoring.

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