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    This is an autobiography that Prince Harry has written and narrated on his own. Perhaps he wanted to tell the world about the things that most people are not aware of. The book starts at the time when Harry saw his mother in the coffin. Surely he wasn’t ready for such kind of a thing at the age of twelve. Before this day, he used to be a carefree individual as compared to his brother but after this terrible incident, he started losing control of himself.

    Suddenly he was not performing well at school and there were other psychological issues that were teasing him every now and then. Harry was not shy of the media rather he hated it because he thought that it was the media who brought his mother such a fate. Then he joined the army and took part in two heroic missions as well that made him famous but the problems in his mind were not over.


    Soon he started having panic attacks because he was in need of true love which was not there for him until the day when he met Meghan. The love which developed between these two individuals brought them to the highlights once again. The issues that rose in the royal house and everywhere around made Harry think of leaving the royal house because he didn’t want to provide the same kind of fate to his wife that his mother faced in the past.

    This is not a fictional or action packed story like Star Wars: The Battle of Jedha (The High Republic) but the book is surely sensational and full of emotions. It tells about Prince Harry and the problems which this young prince faced after the death of his mother at an early age.

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