Love and Death Among the Cheetahs


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    Although the couple faced many problems before and on their wedding but still they remained successful in making one another their soul mates. Finally we can assume on the beginning of the story that the series is coming to an end as the two love birds are on their honeymoon. The only thing that Darcy and Georgiana wanted was a time out from the hectic work they wanted the same thing in Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding.

    But they failed to give their wedding a less dramatic shape, now they have planned an adventure for their honeymoon trip. They go none other than Kenya for the honeymoon so that they can spend sometime in the wild rather than being in the eyes of the public all the time.

    Love and Death Among the Cheetahs

    Rhys Bowen has tried to enlarge the horizon of her series because since the beginning everything was happening in the same geological boundaries. The romance of the honeymoon dies very soon because Lady Georgiana quickly learns that Darcy was on a mission and not on the romance trip that he was faking.

    Still she moves along with the game because the thief Darcy was chasing was involved in many robberies in England also she never wanted to spoil the fun of their trip after all. The murder of Lord Cheriton perishes everything because the mission becomes more serious and deadlier than ever.

    Jasmine Blackborow provides a mature look in narration she was struggling at some points in the last part but everything is fine. The sound of the locals and the British is provides a separate identity that was a tough thing to handle but is done well.

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