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A Dance with Dragons Book 5

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A Dance with Dragons- Book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire

A Dance with Dragons is the fifth chapter of A Song of Ice and Fire. This fantasy fiction book is written by George R.R. Martin who is one of the finest and most loved novelists of our time. He has made considerable contributions to the fantasy genre with some exceptional novels where one of which is A Feast for Crows. You will have an even better experience with his A Game of Thrones novel.

A Dance with Dragons Book 5


The audio narration of A Dance with Dragons novel is done by Roy Dotrice. He almost failed as a narrator of this book and his voice is the notable weak link of this audiobook. This type of novel is probably not suited well for his style of narration.The future of the Seven Kingdoms was hanging in total balance. Daenerys, the last scion of the House Targaryen in the east was ruling as the queen of the city which was constructed on death and dust.

A Dance with Dragons Book 5

As her whereabouts were well known so many were looking forward to the queen and her dragons. The dwarf Tyron Lannister was one among them who managed to escape from the King’s Landing along with a huge price on his head. He was unjustly destined to die for the killing of King Joffrey, his nephew. But that didn’t happen before killing Lord Tywin, his hated father.

A Dance with Dragons Book 5

The story had a lot of potentials, but somehow, it wasn’t maximized as such. The story here is a bit slow to start with but then it progresses quite nicely. In comparison to the rest of the books in A Song of Ice and Fire, this might be the least favorite of all. Generally speaking, it will be a good novel to try.


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