Escape from Virtual Island

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    John Lutz first lets us delve deep in the virtual world and then tells us the importance of the real world according to the author. Real world is pinching for most of the people in the present era because thing mostly happen against our will and we can do nothing about it. All our hopes of seeing a future of our dream vanishes when we are hit by a truck suddenly or face a huge loss in business.

    At such points in life the one with bad experience wants the real world to just vanish away so that he can design a world of his or her choice. But such things don’t happen in dreams even. John Lutz takes us such a wonderland in this comic adventure with a strong message in the end.

    Escape from Virtual Island

    The year is 2038 which makes it clear that virtual world is dominating and the wealthy people of the era jump into virtual reality, an island that make their dreams come true. As long as one can pay the simulations make his dreams real and he lives through it like real. As more and more people start to indulge in this part of virtual reality the charm of the real world starts fading and then the dramatic accident.

    A person goes missing in the virtual world, no one ever expected such thing to happen but the simulations start to look a little scary to people after the disappearance of the man. The book is a good choice for fantasy lovers, and is narrated by a whole team including Paul Rudd, Sue Galloway, Seth Meyers, Kenan Thompson, Olivia Wilde and Henry Winker. The author also has left no weakness in his debut novel that presents the virtual world as almost real.

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