The President Is Missing


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    Bill Clinton and James Patterson have worked in collaboration for the creation of this fine book that tells the common man the threats and the problems that president of the united states face each day and still pose a relaxed face in front of the public. Bill Clinton surely has provided James Patterson the support that he needed i.e the inside situation of the white house during his time and the real job of a president in his office time. Also, Bill Clinton has fully described the problems that he faced while he held the office of the president. The title of the book is such which can grab your attention all of sudden, the president is missing quickly make you ponder that where is the president and why is he missing in the presence of all the security and communication system present for his protection.

    The book also describes different issues like the killing of innocent children on a single order of the president and why the president keep calm or is seen with a smiling face even after such a decision that takes many lives and damages the property of millions of people.

    The President Is Missing

    The President Is Missing

    There are great lines too in the book uttered by the president that tells us about his situation in the office where all the problems keep on piling up all the time and there is only one person who is there to solve them without making a single mistake because a single mistake can bring catastrophe in the world. The narration is done by Dennis Quaid, January LaVoy, Peter Ganim, Jeremy Davidson, MozhanMarnò which was quite needful as there was a whole cabinet that was in discussion all the time with the present with their opinions and their suggestions.

    Book lovers who have listened to this also have liked the book The Right Stuff so you may also give it a try and you will surely love to listen to this beautiful narration.

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