The Hygge Holiday


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    The story starts in Yulethrope where the cold of the autumn has stopped everything and life is a mess all-around. No one knows what to do, all the shops in the market are closing one by one because there are no business and such circumstances when the weather is tough. Also the people of the place are in a gloomy state. There is something that should be done in order to bring life back to the town. Clara Kristensen an outsider comes like a wind of change as she enters the town for spending his holiday.

    She likes everything about the town and is willing to do amazing things for it. Clara is ready to sacrifice her free time for the betterment of the town. Joe, on the other hand, a busy man from the city enters the town in order to check the reason of downfall in business in his mother’s shop. Joe is all against the efforts of Clara as he thinks that she is not true to the town it is just her fake appearance which is misleading the people and she possesses a hidden agenda as well which is far more dangerous than anyone can assume.

    The Hygge Holiday

    Joe is of the view that no one can ruin holidays by doing work for other people as there is no fun in it for. Joe changes a lot after coming back and as the story progresses he starts enjoying the slow-paced life for the first time, the life spends in the candles and early naps perhaps too many of them which are odd in relation to the city life. Rosie Blake very wonderfully compares the two lifestyles of the city and rural life. Also the story changes into a love story toward the end which is not expected at the start. Rosie Jones narrates this fine story in the countryside town keeping in view the cool and calm style of life.

    There are other great books written by Rosie Blake including How to Find Your (First) Husband and How to Get a (Love) Life which are interesting as well as good reads in your spare time to learn something good.


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