Judy Moody Gets Famous Audiobook


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    Judy Moody Gets Famous Audiobook

    Megan McDonald describes the moody personalities in a way that you feel like having the same mood so that you know how it feels and how you are going to get rid of the bad moods or replace them with good ones. Narrated by Barbara Rosenblat, this is the Book 2 in the Judy Moody series that captures the mood shifts and all the mood shifters and triggers in a very interesting manner.

    Jessica Finch is now affecting Judy Moody to boost the jealous mood in her and that she has to overcome to fight back her moods. In this story, the author has plotted the moody venture of Judy Moody when she gets jealous and has strong feelings of jealousy giving rise to a mood shift in her making her feel awful against Jessica. All she has done getting a front page picture in a newspaper and Judy Moody’s mood cannot stand in front of that much jealousy that she is feeling against her.

    Just like described in the other books of this series named Judy Moody (Book 1) and Judy Moody Saves the World! (Book 3) she is determined, she is enthusiastic and her energy comes from her different moods that arise when she is in a particular dilemma.

    Judy Moody Gets Famous Audiobook

    This time she gets to work after getting into a jealous mood and she is now striving for the fame among society as Jessica got via the newspaper. But the fact is that no matter if she is so determined she might get into trouble if the things didn’t come out to work as expected to end her up in a more problematic mood than ever.

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