Judy Moody and Friends Collection Audiobook

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Judy Moody and Friends Collection Audiobook

Judy Moody has touched the ever-changing moods of the kids of all ages and that brings in the collection of stories of Judy Moody’s friends. Megan McDonald had made sure that the collection comes out to be the most hilarious, most relevant to the moods and friends most kids have around them so that you enjoy them the way you have enjoyed all other books in the Judy Moody series.

This is a collection of stories from Book 1-4 that consists of stories from Judy Moody and her friends. You definitely are aware of the number and kinds of friends Judy Moody has with her and that makes her the most diverse type of kid in her town.

The collection consists of the stories you might be interested to know,

  1.       Jessica Finch in Pig Trouble,
  2.       Rocky Zang in the Amazing Mr. Magic
  3.       Amey Namey in the Ace Reporter
  4.       Frank Pearl in the Awful waffle Kerfuffle

These stories describe Judy’s friends, their personalities and the way they tackle their life events when Judy is there. This is a beautiful collection of 4 stories that the new listeners would love to listen to them. They are for those who want to add more to their Judy Moody memories and lessons and more fun-filled events to talk about when Judy and her friend’s manage to get into the trouble and then out of everything they have messed up.

The stories are plotted exactly the way you enjoyed the other book in the Judy Moody series like Judy Moody Goes to College: Judy Moody, Book 8, and Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days.


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  1. Judy Moody (Book 1)
  2. Judy Moody Gets Famous (Book 2)
  3. Judy Moody Saves the World! (Book 3)
  4. Judy Moody Predicts the Future (Book 4)
  5. Judy Moody, M.D. (Book 5): The Doctor Is In!
  6. Judy Moody Declares Independence (Book 6)
  7. Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 1/2 Days
  8. Judy Moody Goes to College: Judy Moody, Book 8
  9. Judy Moody, Girl Detective
  10. Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
  11. Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm: Judy Moody, Book 11
  12. Judy Moody, Mood Martian: Judy Moody, Book 12
  13. Judy Moody and Friends Collection
  14. Judy Moody and the Bucket List

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