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    Tidelands: The Fairmile Series, Book 1

    Tidelands is a historical fiction book. It is beautifully written by Philippa Gregory who is known for her excellent work in historic fiction category. The book itself is part 1 of The Fairmile Series. The author Philippa Gregory is one of the top in her league.

    She happened to get in the top ranks as number one author in New York Times. There are a number of novels from the author to give you a beautiful idea about her skills and abilities. If you are looking for more novels from Philippa Gregory, then there are quite a few to entertain you vividly. A couple of those recommended novels written by Philippa Gregory are: The Other Boleyn Girl and The Lady of the Rivers.

    The Tidelands novel starts a marvelous new series to come. The book and the series has a story of an uneducated and a poor midwife. Her name is Alinor and she is tempted by a forbidden love affair. But, she is also all too aware about the many dangers that were awaiting her ahead. The dangers were waiting for someone who dares to step aside of the social norms that the society has actually carved for her.


    As per some reviews, it feels that the story this time from Philippa Gregory had a very predictable ending. This is normally not the case with the author as she always keeps her audience surprised and guessing throughout. However, there is a lot more to the story than just a predictable ending and the listeners would overall have a good time.

    Louise Brealey has done the narration of this chapter and the voice was absolutely spectacular to make it a success.

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