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    The novel is a sheer comedy for many but for some it is full of lifetime experiences of people like Tan France, Emma Willmann, Percy Rustomji, Nikki Levy and Alexandra Billings. The celebrities talk about their life experiences in a comic way but lesson is still conveyed. The book is attractive in so many ways firstly people these days want to know about celebrities and secondly the life of celebrities is never serious all the time. Errors are made and then they are forgotten after a slight fun for a while or two.

    It is all about personal and professional details that all the celebrities have narrated themselves. It is amazing that how just ordinary wedding planning brought Emma and her sister closer to one another within no time. They never thought they could co-exist on the same thing in so perfect a manner.

    You Do You

    Then the fearful injury of the celebrity when she dropped during a scene and the incident looked hilarious but was serious for the lady in distress. The women in the media sometime make stupid decisions that make them look funny on the media and after a while when seen in a lighter mode they too can just laugh on it.

    There is no climax at all for those who need a snowballing effect this book is not that interesting because nothing goes up or down. Just plain and simple narration by the celebrities they don’t try to add more spices to their tales it is just like a read out. Good for the fans who are attached to these personalities emotionally or remember those actual moments that are discussed in the chapters.

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