Topics of Conversation


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So many themes in just one book look tough to handle in all respects by Miranda Popkey at first who has written her first book. You can observe the spark of desire so wild that it can burn the cities town and then the pain of loneliness, the anger within everything is there in a single piece. The language is supposed to be the key for the book’s fame according to most of the people but narration is also not too far behind.

Rebecca Lowman narrates in style like none other, her voice raise the feelings not only in the mind but in the heart as well. The stories are all those that have happened in the past and now during conversation the women are revealing them one after the other.

Topics of Conversation

When there are a lot of women around it is surely a talk about Feminism and male society does not have any chance to have its say in this one. Not all the women are telling heroic tale most of them tell loathsome incidents related to their lives. Things are told in a frank way because all the people present in the conversation are women and they are not afraid to talk about the vicious incidents.

The experiences that they had in different years are painful and some are shameful too but not in this stage of life when everything is gone. Friendships and female rivalry portrayed not that much but is there as an ingredient in the real life. If you are a female and working outdoors that you must go through this because you will find yourself among those women and in their conversation.


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