Hell for the Holidays


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The Hell Chronicles approach the audience with a bang, Lady Hel is now the queen of the land known as Helheim and she commands death too. Being the goddess of death and the queen of Helheim she is supposed to be the strongest one of all among the rest of the gods. Her father Loki was a real tricky thing but never had such powers and now his family enjoys all. For the first time the family means to harm to the other worlds and just want to enjoy whatever is theirs now.

The god world now invades the queen’s kingdom because her kingdom is an eminent threat for the rest of the world. Though they never attacked on any of the land but the people of god think that they would do that sooner or later. Thus trying to prevent them from planning the war Odin and his soldiers have come to terminate all from existence. Instead of extinguishing all Odin brings Hel’s wrath to the world, her power were beyond boundaries though she never used it but it does not mean that she had none.

Hell for the Holidays

It is death everywhere for the Odin’s family because death has risen for the first and perhaps the last time. Tina Glasneck does not follow the same theme of A Dragon’s Desire and A Dragon’s Destiny but the chivalry and war talk reminds us of the great Greek epics by Homer.

The war talk is so beautiful that we don’t get tired of listening to the grudge talk all the time. Adam R. Watson’s voice also is a smooth error free thing that we listen to without pauses and breaks.


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