Cherringham (Books 1-25)

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    The series by Matthew Costello and Neil Richard is full of mysteries that the team of two people Jack the man who had been in the police before his retirement and the second one is a Web designer named as Sarah try to solve. Other books by the author including Mirage – F. Paul Wilson, Matthew J. Costello and Masque (aka DNA Wars) – F. Paul Wilson, Matthew J. Costello add to the thrill in most stories written by him.

    Cherringham (Books 1-25)

    In every tale the couple found them in a new sort of crime scene which they though solve in the end but after facing a lot of difficulties which only they could bear as they are the two experts in the series. Both the characters always ready for challenges all the time. The series start when they start investigating a suicide case which according to them appeared as a murder by the look of it. Then they move toward a deadly fire that too was thought to be an accidental one but later they proved that it was all part of a big plan.

     Thus they solve everything from local robberies to the murders of the bishops and priests. They most important thing about the series is that the element of mystery never ends. The cases too don’t solve at once in the end they slowly open before reaching the climax and from there on they start solving one after the other and the endings are superb and prove to be the strength of the writers.

    Narrator Neil Dudgeon is the finest in such sort of novels and he has shown his full potential in all the twenty five books of the series and in each book the narration is not an atom of it different from the rest which is good for the listeners and readers.







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