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    Marissa Meyer combines three different thoughts about the future of the earth in this single book of the Lunar Chronicles. A strange kind of disease has hit the planet and there are enemies in outer space waiting to pounce on the weak and broken human race.  Humans are not alone on the earth in this series; they are living with human-like robots that they call cyborgs. So these three concepts combine here and are delivered to us in the voice of Rebecca Soler.


    Cyborgs serve the humans willingly but they are considered as second class citizens. Cinder one of the Cyborgs looks different from the rest in so many ways and we are told constantly that she has a hidden past that she does not discuss. In the house, Cinder is treated quite badly because her stepmother thinks that it was she because of whom her stepsister suffered such a fate. Life was going on like this for her and then she met the prince of the state.

    Appeal to the charming prince was natural for a female as the prince happened to be one of the most handsome lads in the land. Having no time to love and show her feelings, Cinder joins the intergalactic war which is somehow connected to her past life. It is truly fascinating to see the emergence of a young cyborg that is not sure of her abilities. Cinder’s emergence gets more colors in Scarlet and Winter in which her past is fully revealed to her and she finally knows her purpose in life. Once not more than just a servant in the house, here stands tall to save everyone on the planet.

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