Supers Ex Heroes, Book 6


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Most of the stuff is adult in this sixth part and for the people who have read the last five this one has some extra dosage of that adult stuff. Jamie Hawke has really inculcated in the minds of the listeners a fantasy they have never dreamed of. The great one with all his powers don’t need anything now, all the things a man can desire are in his grasp. He finally has his family with him and all the pleasures in life.

The team of hot girls that have made him their leader are truly extraordinary, Twitch for example can reprogram anything and the girls like Gale and Aegriss are quite handy anywhere. The man now rises to the state of Elder one in Citadel and thus has no concern about any of the worries and miseries that the human race faces. Still one thing he cannot get over is his heroic nature he is ready to throw all this away for the sake of humanity that has never given him anything.

Supers Ex Heroes, Book 6

Being loyal to his kind the super hero once again plunges into war that he considers is not his war anymore. Whether it was Supers: Ex Heroes 3 or Supers: Ex Heroes 4 humanity has always been there in the heart of the person who can live in the dream land forever and can change or alter anything. He can even change the whole landscape or can even design his imaginative world with the help of the powerful ladies that surround him all the time. Same old team of narrators Justin Thomas James, Jeff Hays, Yvonne Syn and Carly Crawford and they are the right choice in all respect hope they will continue in the future with the series.


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