Supers: Ex Heroes

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Life changes suddenly for many people in the world, but here it changes drastically for the hero who moment earlier was in the courtroom defending himself against a murder. He never committed that murder still every one the court was bound to sentence him to prison. When he sees things getting out of hands and his own lawyer turning against him he just abuses them.

There is nothing else the man can do because after all he is not a super hero at all. Then the twister when he is taken to another galaxy for his super powers that he thought he never had. With the hero the mind of the fans also go crazy that how a courtroom drama changes into intergalactic stuff all of a sudden. The one who was defending himself in the court and failing now defends the whole universe in a place where he is the only hero. It looks kids stuff but not advisable for the kids because the novel contains certain abusive words that are not advisable for the children at all.

Jamie Hawke could have made it a kid’s item but he wanted adult fan following so he intentionally puts some slangs and sex scenes in it. This pattern is there in Supers Ex Heroes 5 and Supers and is quite different as compared to the writer of the modern era. Multiple narrators Justin Thomas James, Annie Ellicott, Jeff Hays and Laurie Catherine Winkel have produced a magical effect in a combine way in this book. The girlish voices are all tackled by Annie and Laurie and the rest is narrated by the other two.

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