Supers: Ex Heroes 4


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    Exploring new powers have been a great fun for the hero as he goes from one place to another and now from one planet to the other. Powers are increasing but so are the challenges, it was the Blue Lady in Supers: Ex Heroes 3 and his own layers in Supers: Ex Heroes that were creating difficulties for the man. Here it is Muetra they are after but she is not that easy to tackle, they got to search each section of the Asylum for it.

    If not found it is a news of death for the whole planet and then the whole universe within no time. Such evil has never been confronted and she has a plan she wants to execute after rescuing a friend who can help her in completing the task.

    Supers: Ex Heroes 4

    Why she wants total destruction no one knows perhaps she wants to take revenge or it is quite possible that someone else has hired her for a bigger goal. The race and chase is on and new powers reveal themselves in a way that the lucky one enjoys totally. The picture created in the mind with the help of words is the best part of the entire series otherwise the fight is never that serious which could take your life away.

    The language is not intense rather it is slang that the characters use and we are totally sure that they are enjoying busting the aliens. Justin Thomas James, Jeff Hays, Yvonne Syn and Carly Crawford are back in business for the second time together and the group is really enjoying narrating this fabulous and enjoyable series.

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