The Never Paradox


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Time to settle the scores with the alien monster is approaching near; luckily the earth has found a hero, a real champion in the making. T. Ellery Hodges produced an unlikely sort of a hero who wanted to slip from the scene but then he was out of options and the stakes were higher than ever.

Jonathan is fighting hard and he thinks that he is not only growing in confidence but it strength which he never thought he had. He had been living his life on earth for years as a simple human being or it is his memory that is playing games with him. He tries to remember things but now the young man realizes that he even forgets the moments when he last met or confronted the aliens. The issue is never was with his memory there is someone who is toying with him and he has to know why.

The Never Paradox

Conspiracies are deeper than he ever expected in The Never Hero because the more he tries to remember about himself the lesser he knows. Rylee’s role come into play and now it is clear that she had all information about the hero’s memory loss from the beginning. Upon the past of one man the present of the world depends and all the humans are certain that if the fight is lost there would be no future at all of any of them. Steven Barnett’s voice is making the listeners crazy, it’s soothing even when it is narrating action or tales related to blood thirsty aliens. Monumental tone and crystal clear in aggressive scenes is the narrator’s real strength.


The Never Hero

Supers: Ex Heroes


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