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     Flashback is a highly interesting novel written by Shannon Messenger. The author is a quality writer and has produced countless novels, which are ideal for kids and youth. You can check out more novels from the author such as Keeper of the Lost Cities and Exile to have a good time listening to their audio versions. Flashback is book 7 f the Keeper of the Lost Cities novel series. The book is specific for teens and the content is some Myths and Legends. You will definitely like this one.

    The narration of Flashback is done by Caitlin Kelly, which turned out to be a super good performance.


    Sophie Foster has absolutely no idea that whom should she believe and who shouldn’t. In a game, where there are a good number of players, the worst mistake to make could be to focus on a totally wrong threat. But, when the Neverseen managed to prove that Sophie Foster is far more vulnerable than she could have ever imagined, so she actually realized that it is the right time now to change the rules. It was her powerful abilities, which could be the only main thing for her to protect her coming this far. In order to face down all the ruthless enemies, she should learn that how to fight.

    Unfortunately, fighting training cannot actually help a dear friend who is up against a highly different danger. The only possible solution here involves the biggest ever risk with lots of stake for Sophie. It was not just Sophie but also her friends were up against the risk. The distraction here might be something what the villains here have been waiting for all the time.

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