Wayward Galaxy 4



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    The Rangers and Osay colonists have secured their corner of planet Amir. But with looming threats from nearby RUPAC forces, new alliances are needed for survival.

    Reach, Alexa and Brody seek friendship with recent neighbors, overcoming simmering tensions among the displaced. Inside the protected colony, Liana brokers cooperation between wary Ranger, Osay and RUPAC defectors. Survival on hostile Amir demands unity.

    As the colony fortifies itself, former enemies must channel hostility outwards and forge a shared future. But peace is precarious and allegiance fleeting on an unforgiving world.

    Experience the next thrilling installment in J.N. Chaney and Jason Anspach’s hit Wayward Galaxy series. Fans of 80’s action, sci-fi combat and battling oppression will love this fast-paced adventure. Former foes become tomorrow’s allies in a colony’s fight for freedom on an alien planet.

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