The Never Hero


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Ellery Hodges starts with a duel between fate and will and without any second round fate wins the competition in Jonathan Tibbs case. The boy finds himself in between the war of the worlds that he never liked. Jonathan never had any specialty in him and he never hoped for it, a simple life was all he wanted from the world.

Ironically he gets everything except the world simple, the day the monster invaded the earth was a game changer for him. The devil slaughters people on the road and talks in his own extraterrestrial language. Unfortunately Jonathan understands every word that the alien utters. The creature looks for a worthy opponent, a challenger that can confront him in an open battlefield.

The Never Hero

The revelations in the story open up in parts and a huge discovery all of a sudden lacks, perhaps this was the way Hodges wanted things to be. First book in the series usually don’t need too much of a twist because the fun in the next parts appeal to the people more. This one if combined with the next part The Never Paradox would look more tame and simple; the writers keep the main fire power secure for the next installment.

Narration is really heart stealing, Steven Barnett’s voice has an expression in it that can be understood by the rise and fall of the pitch. It can be guessed that when a character is tense or is about to run away from the scene. There are certain background sounds that are made and were really needed to show the blood thirsty devil that roam the streets of the country.


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The Never Paradox


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