Super Sales on Super Heroes


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    New super heroes are created by William D. Arand, the focus of the series is children of all ages, extraordinary jobs by the heroes are anticipated. But there is humor too attached with the main tale when we come to know that most of them can’t perform what they are born to do. Felix for example can change the basic structure of anything and then can recreate it after enhancing its capability.

    For many it is Godly but there is one little error he lacks the potential to fulfill the task and thus he is an ordinary human being after all. He gets a job in the human world and does not discuss about his powers anymore. Fortune does not favor the lad even in the normal world that is quickly taken over by a demon and thus the black market rises even more than people ever imagined. Felix again out of job tries his luck in the black market by using the ability that he had been born with for the sake of livelihood. A funny little story that Jeff Hays narrates and if compared cannot be termed as much better than Swing Shift: Book 2 because that book continued with strong characterization.

    Super Sales on Super Heroes

    Here the major character is the highlight that too never goes on a serious journey or participates in an epic battle. He has extraordinary powers but don’t know how to use them at all. And even if he starts using them he uses them in pity little things like preparing things for sale in the black market. At least till the middle he has no chances of rising up in stature because the boy is not trying to.

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