Galactic Breach


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    Magnus the most famous marine in the galaxy has never left his friends in the jaws of danger no matter what happens. The soldier thinks of his troop like his family that he has to protect at any cost. During the last orbital strike that he faced his ship was damaged heavily and he too got injured in a big way. Finally Magnus comes back to his senses and the first thing he thinks of is his team.

    Destruction of the whole team makes him feel awed but then he gets the news that some of the members are still alive and have been kept hostage. As a leader, Magnus is aware what he has to do but the task is not the sort that he can handle alone. J.N. Chaney and Christopher Hopper showed Magnus’ ability of team work in Ruins of the Galaxy.  Here once again he has to work as a captain but the team that he gets consists of non-familiar faces.

    Galactic Breach

    With the help of Marauders, Magnus starts the mission against the deadly tribe but first they have to pass through the city of Oosafar alive. Hope and signs of enthusiasm appear to be dim in this part but the captain cannot just leave his men behind the enemy lines.

    In this thrilling book time given to the heroes is quite short and if the mission is not completed in time those they are trying to save would end up dead. R.C. Bray one of the most talented narrators of the time provides the feeling of haste in the story with his voice. Fans should just grab The Messenger after this one if they want to remain in the trance. Both authors make the audience crave for more fiction and no one can say no.

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