A Touch of Midnight


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Sometimes superpowers can really help you in life while on rare occasions these powers can act like a curse for the individual. The wonderful author of this series, Lara Adrian gives the primary character of the series such a kind of superpower which becomes a bane for her. Savannah tries to become normal or an average girl like the rest of her friends but she just cannot do it because there is something different about her.

At Boston University she thought that life would become better for her but everything goes against her expectations. She has been blessed with a strange kind of power i.e she can tell the past of anything by just touching it. The entire history of a person or an object comes into Savannah’s mind when she touches it. An old English sword is provided to her for research purposes in one of her classes and when she touches the sword she becomes terrified because of the history attached to it.

A Touch of Midnight

The sword was used to kill the brother of the vampire warrior Gideon and for three hundred years Gideon is searching for those who committed the crime. Now Gideon knows who can help him in getting to his enemies.

The vampire warrior gets his hands on Savannah who too does not try to run away from him. Hillary Huber starts the narration here and his voice will be heard in King of Midnight and Kiss of Midnight too. This is a vampire series so there would be a lot of bloodshed for sure. Still, romance will not be found lacking at any stage of the show.


The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

Kiss of Midnight


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