Fire & Blood


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    “A song of Ice and Fire” takes a tour far back in history as far as it can go, it is history that spreads far beyond the game of thrones. After the doom of Valyria nothing was left on the earth except a nation that is united like a family. It was a family that was strong enough to bear the consequences of war and stood victorious above all. The dragon lords formed their first iron throne and established a kingdom from the mere ashes.

    Fire & Blood

    It is not only war that we see, with it there is politics, clever tricks of the rulers and then small moments of love that keep the life going. The book also answers several questions that have been there in the minds of the fans for years and now George R. R. Martin explains them in detail.

    The rule of the dragons and the dragon lords roaming the sky are the most fascinating scenes. Martin shows his creative brilliance in creating a history that never truly existed in the real world. The listener knows that the history is all fiction but cannot stop his mind flying with the dragon lords. The destruction caused by the doom and the lives lost each one is mentioned not in a lot of detail but the touch is ample.

    Fire & Blood

    Simon Vance has played his part well and has made it equal in rank to A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings. This book can act as a base for all those books that are fan favorite and have been on the scene for decades now providing something to cheer about in the warzone.

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