Fake Truth


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    Trilogy just reached in a flash and without any doubt this series has been Lee Goldberg’s prime possession. True Fiction and Killer Thriller with their superb finish made the fans all over the world more curious about this latest upcoming novel about the ill fated writer Ian Ludlow. Many things have been happening around Ian since his final disposal of the Wang Mei issue. Ian has saved the United States over the last many years from great catastrophes but this might be too big for him to handle.

    Fake Truth

    Apart from his life that is again at stake he has to stop the war that is about to start between the United States and Soviet Union. The issue does not stand in a single city in the trilogy there are news from California, Mexico, New York and Texas. Ian could not be at all the places in one time but he proves lucky because he has the gift with which he can imagine all of these cities and the incidents happing in it. But his imaginations have been proving less accurate and here one wrong move can risk it all within no time.

    Fake Truth

    With pressure mounting on him like always, Ian along with Margo go all around the United Sates for the search of the real criminal and again the tracking is done by Ian’s imagination. And if the two are guessing wrong they would be the first two to get the bullet in the chest. Its hats off for Adam Verner too who has been helping things through his narration and has made the entire series perfect for the fans.

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