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Murder mysteries are Lee Goldberg’s strength from the start of his career, the author produces the best of the heroes and villains for the fans. The secret ingredient is the real life touch that is found in the stories and their characters.

In Lost Hills several of the scenes were actually from true crime scenes that writer has heard about in the media. This one however clear from the name is not a true tale but awesomely written and the thrill can make your hair stand straight at the climax.

Ian Ludlow an ordinary writer was picked by the CIA because his imaginative mind can create stories that might come true in real world. The man was picked so that he could help the CIA with different crimes scenes, Ian did not prove quite helpful till the plane crash accident took place. Ian thinks that he knows that how the plane crashed and who is behind the whole plot. This makes him special but a hot target too, Ian knows that what is coming after him and he has to run.

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Along with him is Margo who is just a commoner from the street and both of them had to survive until, the end of the story is revealed to Ian. There is one more issue if at the end of the story Ian is found dying than he can just do nothing about it.

If you thought that Killer Thriller was fun than just start this one on the weekend. Adam Verner has kept things simple in narration and goes on with one single pace, not a lot of variation is tried because the narrator wanted to keep the book easily understandable. Member Benefit

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