The Unremembered Empire


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    War has eaten up the entire galaxy in the past many years and that is why the time to rebuild now comes at hand. The old empires are all lost and the warriors and their enemies that once were dominant on the world’s scene are mostly gone. The realm of Ultramar has faced situations worse than hell but it has survived but not all the people think in this way. For some the wars were won by the realm but the cost has been heavy and there is nothing more than the ashes left on the land.

    Word Bearers slaughtered mankind mercilessly and then the Shadow Crusade was tough to survive after all there were five hundred worlds included in that war of the ages. The old groups have perished and many have suffered because of the decisions made during the war. Now Dan Abnett creates a new figure in the novel in the form of Roboute Guilliman who seems to be on a mission to rebuild everything.

    The Unremembered Empire

    From all parts of the galaxy soldiers and refugees start arriving on the land and they are welcomed and among them there is also Horus. In this David Timson’s newly narrated novel peace might not be established forever. Need of the time forces all the people who are left stranded to join hands and when they will strengthen no one knows what would happen. Horus Rising and then Gaunt’s Ghosts: Necropolis are usual pick of the fans after this one. Dan Abnett has a habit of working hard on the story line and the characters seem to be independent to choose path of their own after which their fate is decided accordingly.

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