Alexander Hamilton


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    Alexander Hamilton is a biography/ memoir on the life of Alexander Hamilton himself. It is written by Ron Chernow. The narration of this book is one of its strongest part, which has been done by the world famous narrator, Scott Brick. It was nice to see him bringing all his prior experience into play here and helping in making this book a huge success.

    The book is winner of the National Award and stood as the best-seller in New York Times as well. As per the historian Joseph Ellis, Alexander Hamilton is a complete book that you could ever have on the life of Alexander Hamilton.

    Alexander Hamilton is one of the very few personalities in the American history, who have been debated about excessively and also grossly misunderstood. This biography by Ron Chernow give back Alexander Hamilton his very due and setup the records very straight that are associated with him.

    Alexander Hamilton

    He also added that much of the economic and political greatness of America of today is all because of what Alexander Hamilton has done in the past. It was all because of his champion ideas and his many sacrifices, which even during his own time were highly disputed.

    Chernow explained everything about the life of Alexander, He was an orphan, who was self-taught and was from Caribbean. He just came out of absolutely nowhere and took the entire American country by storm. He literally transformed everything in his era and contributed a lot to the success of the country, which it is still enjoying.

    The author, Ron Chernow is known for writing the biographies and memoirs of some greatest political figures and personalities from history. A couple of his other recommended books to consider are Washington and Grant.


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