The Towering Sky


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    Katherine McGee is the bestselling New York Times author of the fantastic The Thousandth Floor novel series. The Towering Sky is the third chapter of this series. She is a bright young talented writer of just 32 years of age. Her motivation behind this series is her time spent in her apartment in New York where she developed a great obsession for the skyscrapers of the city. Soon after, she started writing and provided science fiction fans with some highly inspiring stories. A couple of her most exciting novels include American Royals II: Majesty and The Towering Sky.

    The Towering Sky

    Phoebe Strole did the narration of this chapter and just like the prior two novels of the series, the performance was outstanding once again.

    You will find Leda in this novel looking to move on with her life from what happened with her in Dubai. She wanted to escape from the person with whom she spent all her life, but now she is trying to forget him.

    Rylin is seen back in her good old life. She got reunited with an old friend but when she started dating Cord then she discovered herself torn between two distinct worlds. They were two different boys but with a lot of similarities.

    The Towering Sky

    Calliope on the other end feel trapped while playing a good long con, which cost her a lot more than she bargained for. What would happen when all her fabricated lies would catch up with her?

    Katherine McGee did a good job with the writing of these novels. All the characters are well written and the story has some amazing twists and turns. You will also enjoy the narration. In short, this audiobook is a complete package for all science fiction novel lovers.

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