In Ashes Born


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    Nathan Lowell introduces some spooky characters in the beginning; Ishmael Wang for instance is a man with a strange past of which he does not talk much. Most of the time Wang likes to be alone and trying not to think about things that he has witnessed in the past. During this wandering all around the globe, he comes back to the land where it all started i.e Port Newmar.

    On reaching the place Wang at once met his old friend Phillip Carstairs who has a new mission in mind. Phillip tells Wang about his beloved who was killed by a man brutally, now Phillip wants to hunt him down. Thing is not easy for them because the man is not present in the human world. For such a category the searcher has to go to Deep Dark to bring back the desired one in flesh and blood once again.

    In Ashes Born

    For Greta, the two friends start the voyage on the ship called Chernyakova. Ishmael was of course not prepared to take control of the old ship once again that still has the old memories attached to it along with the smell of human blood. Jeffrey Kafer creates more ghastly circumstances than Suicide Run and Milk Run.

    It is not the story rather it is the circumstances that paint the horror picture with a smell of blood. Kafer narrates in two different tones, one is the whispering tone at the time when the past is discussed and the second is the loud tone at the time of action.  Together with the two tones just grip the listener for hours until the final sentence comes out of the narrator’s mouth.

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