Refugee Audiobook


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Refugee Audiobook

Since the time the violence has started over the different parts of the world, people have gone through pain, misery and numerous unknown and unbearable conditions that none could have imagined earlier.✅ Alan Gratz brings to light to unleash the dangers, the pain and the hardships the three kids face while they travel to find peace in their lives on their way to meet their families abroad.

Refugee Audiobook

The story is about three different kids from different parts of the world one a Jewish boy named Joseph who is in the Nazi Germany 1930 and is trying to seek refuge from the painful living there. Another kid who is a girl and is named Isabel is a Cuban in 1994 and is going on a raft with her family to seek refuge and peace in other parts of the world.

Refugee Audiobook

The third kid is a Syrian boy in 2015 who has left his home after the destruction and is seeking to find refuge while on his way to the European countries.

The story of these three kids reflects the pain and the continuous struggle they follow to find refuge and a true positive hope for the future. The will undergo betrayal and numerous unbearable conditions but their spirit will rise after each fall. Though the stories are from years apart you will find many connecting things between them for sure.

Michael Goldstorm, Kyla Garcia, and Assaf Cohen have narrated the story very well to give the character a true life so that you feel you are with them. The story follows the same theme as the author Alan has given in the books Prisoner B-3087, Projekt 1065 and Code of Honor.

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    1. It’s a good Book. Thanks Michael Goldstorm, Kyla Garcia, and Assaf Cohen for the narration, I enjoyed every chapter.
      A new fan of this page.

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      *gives her away*
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