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Breakthrough itself is the first chapter of a novel series with the same name. It is authored by Michael C. Grumley, who undoubtedly has been phenomenal with his literary writing skills and his ability to engage the audience. It is a crime mystery thriller based on military related events. The narration of this novel is done by none other than the most renowned narrator of his time and beyond, Scott Brick.

The novel tells about one of the finest breakthroughs ever in the history of human kind. It is about a secret, which actually was supposed to be never found by anyone. It is also about the crisis, which was beyond control and not to be stopped in any possible way.


Very deep somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, a nuclear capable submarine is abruptly asked to immediately abort its ongoing mission. This was all happening under some really mysterious circumstances. A number of weird facts started to surface up, which lead John Clay, the naval investigator to a marine biologists group. They were working quietly and were just at the verge of making history.

Alison Shaw along with her team and the support of some highly resourceful computer systems were preparing to get the 2-way conversation translated with the 2nd known smartest specie of the world. But, the team actually discovered a lot more than expected from the dolphins, especially when a mysterious object got revealed right on the ocean floor.

Catalyst and Mosaic novels are also penned by Michael C. Grumley. These recommended novels are actually different chapters from the Breakthrough novel series by the author. The crime mystery thrillers has got everything to keep you entertained right till the ending credits of these novels.

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