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Leap is the 2nd chapter of the popular Breakthrough novel series. It is a mystery thriller with lots of interested situations and characters right through the novel and the series as well.

It is written by Michael C. Grumley, who has once again impressed his audience with his great creativity and command over the literary writing. Scott Brick, the world famous narrator has given the narration of this book and this is another reason that makes this audio book a must listen.

Alison Shaw, the prime character of the novel stared very nervously right into the enormous seawater tank, while facing the clear and cold glass. It was not more than a year ago, when she along with her marine biologists’ team went on to shock the work with their incredible findings, which actually were a breakthrough. Now, this time, they are just about to repeat history once again. But, something really weird was unfolding just an ocean away.


Right along a quiet coast in South America, a Russian submarine, thought to have been drowned long ago, started to resurface all of a sudden. The US Navy took notice of this incident and deployed their officers Steve Caesare and John Clay to investigate the matter. The sub has actually been studying about some unmarked soldiers. It use to disappear each and every night right beneath the darkness cover. Something new has actually been discovered again and something very big this time. But, it is afraid to go into the wrong hands.

Catalyst and Breakthrough novels are also written by Michael J. Grumley. Both these mystery thriller novels are from the Breakthrough series and highly recommended for their impeccable storyline.

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