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    Cujo By Stephen King

    Cujo is one of the best fantasy-horror novel written by Stephen King that was also filmed into a story of the rabid dog. The story revolves around the Saint Bernard who is a faithful friend of Brett Camber and has a lot of usual routine tasks together. As story passes on the horror and fantasy filled events start developing. The hell comes out when the dog gets a bit from a sick bat while chasing a rabbit down into a cave. As the bat bits the dog, it gets infected and develop devilish features and get violent immediately changing all its traits at once.

    As the dog keeps on terrifying people around the town, no one could ever miss out the horror and hidden suspense and the listeners have to think where it would go next.

    Cujo By Stephen King

    Though Cujo was a faithful dog the rabies overcame its overall body and behavior that troubled Trenton and Camber families by attacking people whoever come to the area around their home. Donna survives while Ted dies in the horrifying fight against it in a car under the sun. the whole struggle and the fights keep the readers engaged and let them struggle as well to know if anyone there would survive Cujo’s attack or not and how Donna survives the attack.

    The misery and pain in this novel are much like the characters the readers must have experienced in Stephen Kings other stories including It, Carrie and The Dark Tower I.

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