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Drift is another sensational book by Rachel Maddow. She is brilliant with her black humor, while discussing the most critical things in her nonfictional ventures. The Drift typically talks about the political scenarios and specifically the things related with the American Military Power. Rachel Maddow, just as her other book has once again done the narration of this audio book as well.

Rachel Maddow has enhanced the quality of this audio book with her immensely rich wit and impressive intelligence. The theme of this book is around the drift away from the original ideals of USA and becoming a nation, which is strangely at peace with the everlasting war.


The war in which America is involved globally has a lot of human lives and finances at stakes. The writer in order to explain about the current terrible situation described things starting from Vietnam to the ongoing Afghan wars. The unwanted upsurge of the executive authority, outsourcing war related stuff to private companies and the impacted families of the soldiers in war have a lot to do with the changing fortunes of the country.

Ultimately, Maddow’s intention is to highlight the fact that how much the loss just by allowing the national security priorities is overpowering the political discourse of the country. A lot of her statements are though provoking as they are backed with facts and logical conclusions.

Rachel Maddow is known for her nonfictional books on very serious matters discussed in a very lighter tone. Blowout is her book related with the economics and dynamics of richest people influencing the economics and the wealthiest businesses of the world. She has also done the narrations for both the books under discussion here.


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