The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound 5



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    Though Randidly can now rapidly Level up and learn exceptional Skills, the System still has trials in store. To earn full acceptance, he must lead Zone 32’s finest into the Raid Dungeon for assigned Quests. A straightforward horde survival mission grows complicated as the Creature resumes meddling with Randidly’s Fate.

    Yet not all threats to humanity are alien. In other Zones lacking heroes like Randidly, those granted a taste of the System’s power hunger for more. In the divided capital, powerful figures experiment on the poor to wield the might of monsters themselves.

    When Randidly’s group confronts the horrors bred in the shadows, he realizes that monsters exist on both sides. As his team struggles to complete their Quest and escape the Dungeon, Randidly must push past the Creature’s manipulations to embrace his true destiny before humanity destroys itself. Not all battles are fought with swords and spells – some are won in the heart.

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