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Best Friends Forever

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Best Friends Forever is a suspenseful mystery thriller book by Margot Hunt. She is a very talented writer of mystery thrillers with suspense and made a good name for herself with novels like For Better and Worse. Another worth mentioning novel from Margot Hunt is The Last Affair.

The audio narration of Best Friends Forever is done by Sarah Naughton. It was a fine performance and you will not have any issue with the narration.

How much do you know about your best friend?

Alice Campbell and Kat Grant had a strong friendship forged in shared confidence along with the long lunches that were lubricated by the expensive wine. They both were quite different women from each other, where one was a struggling suburbanite while the other was an artsy socialite. They were rocks of each other but then even rocks are known to crumble with pressure applied – Just like when Howard, Kate’s husband plunged to his death falling from the balcony of the second floor of the mansion in South Florida.

Best Friends Forever

Howard was a drunk, jerk, and a bully. As per the police, he was also a murder victim. There were plenty of questions that started to pile up such as why Kat had gone dark so suddenly. There were no texts, no calls and no chance of her wealthy family would allow Alice to see her. Why the investigators were looking that hard in the direction of Alice? Who is the next in line to be hurt? Who are the liar and the main manipulator behind all of that?

The book has a very nice story but the ending was par excellence. You just couldn’t ask for anything more from a mystery thriller with suspense.


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