Angel Dust


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    Angel Dust: Feathers and Fire, Book 11

    Angel Dust is the 11th volume of the “Feather and Fire” series. This book is documented by Shayne Silvers and narrated by Nicole Poole and these Born in Fire and Change of Heart are the matchless narrations of Nicole Poole.

    A tree’s limbs cannot arrive at “Heaven” except if its underlying foundations additionally contact Hell. The Four Horsemen are hunting the most destructive and tricky of escapees the “White Rose”. Despite being needed and on the run “Callie” has no goal of stowing away from the heavenly aftermath that currently torment “Kansas City”. Ace Dracula will remain as a horrendous ghost against the powers of Heaven and the Vatican Conclave and nothing is pretty much as basic as it appears to be in this conflict.

    Since double-crossing takes cover behind each partner’s grin and sympathy remains behind each execution. As is commonly said, it is a mother bear’s sympathy that gets you eaten. Callie should cross lines that she never needed to cross and regard the most obscure murmurs to her to endure what is to come. Assuming that she needed her kin to endure what is to come. She should develop and adjust into something hazier, something more unnerving something respectably horrible.

    Angel Dust

    The “Horsewoman of Despair” is going to flick the primary domino of the “Omega War”. Thunder and Terror will proclaim the End and a genuine beast will employ the notorious blazing sharp edges happily of silver teeth and a couple of shining white eyes. I If you like “Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Steve McHugh, K.F. Breene, you will not have the option to put down the overall top of the line “Feathers and Fire Series”.

    Angel Dust

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